Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist (CATS)
Certified Crime Prevention Specialist (CCPS)
Certificate Security Risk & Crisis Management (CCSMS)
Certificate In Business & Corporate Security Management (CCSMS)
Certificate In Physical Security & Operations Management (CLPOS)
Certificate In Loss Prevention Management (CLPOS)
Certificate In Supply Chain Security Audits and Standards (CSCSS)
Certificate In Supply Chain Management (CSCSS)
Certificate Supply Chain Security Specialist (CSCSS)
Certificate In Security Investigation & Prosecution (CAPSS)
Certificate In Asset & Personnel Security Management (CAPSS)
Security and Risk Management (SRMC)
Certified Corporate Security Management Professional (CCSMP)

8 Jurong Town Hall Road, JTC Summit #24-05, Singapore 609434

T: (+65 6592 0697)

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